Contain Yourself  

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Uploaded: 08/11/07 10:37 PM GMT
Contain Yourself
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More Computer Art goodness! No, I'm really not a ridiculously political person, even though I use a lot of images of technology and numbers and grimness. They just look cool. And I love these colors.


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08/11/07 11:09 PM GMT
Why would that make your images political? Just curious... (Of course, they could be those things and be political, but why the implication? I really know nothing about these matters and expect the very question betrays ignorance beyond that which questions usually do.)

I like this although I'd prefer the main image filled the whole screen. It is beautifully colourful - too colourful and rainbow-like to be considered "grim", I think.

I like the model-like figure striding among the tools and numbers. It is like a very colourful and bright workshop of some sort, with suggestions of kitchens and calculators waiting in the background.

- cfr
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08/12/07 1:57 AM GMT
WOW! This works on so many levels I am unsure what your intentions are.
There is the entire monetary theme with robot workers clocks and a man in suit and tie malevolently looking from behind the scenes with his gas masked storm troopers.
There is the comic book effect with the BAM! ZAP! POW! of the bright disorienting colors that lure you in and then knock out your teeth and bleed you dry.
Then there is the "ein" or One theme with the power of singular humanity to fight corporate manipulation and their use of target market yardsticks with self control.
If I am way off base here, I don't care because this work has made me think and study an image that is stimulating and energizing.
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08/14/07 8:33 PM GMT
To me, the colors are real good, however the overall effect is
"too busy", if you know what I mean.

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Sorry that I haven't been commenting more. Just got lazy? But I did look at most of them. And again, thanks to all of you for your comments on mine. Steve
08/15/07 3:26 AM GMT
as I look at this "Ghost in the Machine" comes to mind. Interesting piece of work to say the least.
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08/15/07 8:14 PM GMT
Hmmm, I like the busyness. As far as politics I don't recognize your intent if it is political, more environmental and techie to me. Well done!

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10/11/07 8:35 PM GMT
I like how you used your art work as part of the frame. I feel boxed in with a frames, and "ART" has no limits! To much words to xpress. I enjoy your works of art and absolutely love the title on this one.... Thanks
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11/14/20 1:13 PM GMT
A remarkable and sure Quil. I too like these colors. Great render.
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