A Face Only a Mother Could Love  

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Uploaded: 06/08/09 1:47 AM GMT
A Face Only a Mother Could Love
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This is a male Muscovy duck. When he gets mad or wants to look intimidating, he raises the mohawk feathers on his head and neck. Muscovys are loners, they don't hang around in groups. They are mute, no quacking, but they have a little hissing noise they can make when they want to fend off an intruder of their space. They are bigger than most ducks, but smaller than most geese. They can fly well, but they are really lazy and only fly when necessary. I had some as pets and I found them to be odd buy enjoyable. They get a bad rap because they are so ugly, but they are really quite tame. If you feed one, he will be back to visit you again. They are not native to the U.S., but several are here. They aren't as 'waterproof' as most waterfowl and can drown from getting waterlogged. I wonder if this one knows that he is walking around with a feather hanging from his bill.


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06/08/09 2:13 AM GMT
He makes the Phantom of the Opera look like a model for skin care. Still, it's a gorgeous shot of this duck. Well done.

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06/08/09 2:45 AM GMT
Maybe not the prettyest duck in the pond. But a great shot with good colour, clarity and detail. Nice work, Saved

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Enjoy nature, Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints
06/08/09 8:33 AM GMT
He looks like he doesn't care what anybody thinks about his appearance.
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06/09/09 2:49 AM GMT
Very lovely photo of the duck,the colors are very good,nice details as well.
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06/12/09 11:33 AM GMT
Love the info on this strange looking duck thanks for posting.
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Thanks for taking the time to comment. All comments good and bad welcomed.
06/13/09 6:06 AM GMT
Almost looks like a cross between a turkey and a duck. I have to admit, this one takes the prize of the strangest bird I have ever seen. Very nice image. I gave it a 10 in the VB.
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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind.
06/29/09 1:33 AM GMT
Riverside I love both the capture and the title. Nice job and well described. A Favorite of mine. Your right only a face a mother could love. To good to be true. Well done
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