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Regmar, who was the first to welcome me to Caedes. His wonderful pictures of the Louisiana swamps defy description in their beauty. Here's an Ontario Swamp presented in your name. Thanks Reg!


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05/22/05 12:15 AM GMT
The northern swamps are just as lovely as the southern ones.. Got lots of those here.. Visited one today..
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05/22/05 1:21 AM GMT
Beautiful shot... the frame works well... very fitting dedication.. im sure Regmar will love it... :D
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05/22/05 2:11 AM GMT
Louisiana swamps are a legend of their very own! Those cypress trees in them are fantastic..and this photo is great Rob!!! Love the reflection and the framing..beautiful stuff!!
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Simplicity is Elegance...Thoreau
05/22/05 9:53 AM GMT
very nice Rob--->10
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05/23/05 5:02 PM GMT
Reg is a very kind Caedes friend. A nice tribute and a lovely image!
You are just full of mooshy stuff today eh?
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I'm walking on sunshine! Webshots
05/24/05 2:17 PM GMT
This is lovely, Rob, with the play of light and the reflections...I think Regmar is away on a trip for a couple of weeks but I know he'll be touched to see this when he gets back...and I couldn't agree more...he's a great friend and some of those pictures of his are positively heavenly and do defy description...a well deserved tribute.:Pat.
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07/06/05 8:24 PM GMT
Hi Rob! I just heard about this image posted while I was out of the country gathering more rosebuds! Thwacking good, if you ask me. There's something about swamps (aside from the mosquitos). They seem so quiet, and this image with its lovely reflections really brings that out. I love the frames you build; each is a work of art, and this one is no exception. It looks like you textured the image onto the frame. Did I get that right?
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ж Regmar ж
08/11/05 9:12 AM GMT
seeing as how i am in the same area as Reg, i can appreciate this as well.. the reflection is wonderful.. great capture Rob..

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09/29/05 3:05 AM GMT
oh wow, that's really cool
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every day i find something new and interesting.. today is no different

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