Roadside Ram  

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Uploaded: 05/17/09 10:40 PM GMT
Roadside Ram
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Just hanging out at the side of the road, just north of the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta, Canada.


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05/17/09 11:51 PM GMT
The slight crop works better, Rob.

A judicious choice on your part.

Nice shot.

Annnd ... for your creative consideration:

Tony Kuyper Photography - Tutorials

In particular, the Luminosity Masks and Luminosity Painting tutorials. Towards the end of toning down the ram's back some ... some, where the light is hitting. Seems to be a good amount of photographic data present?

And I am not sure which image editing program you have, as the tutorials are for Photoshop. Just a thought and a suggestion, 'tis all.

Clarity is very good, and you captured the ram's eye exceedingly well.

Thanks for sharing this one with us. :o)
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
05/21/09 1:30 AM GMT
great natural shot,
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We are but humble fish swimming in the sea of life
05/21/09 3:48 AM GMT
nice clear shot.
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05/24/09 2:46 PM GMT
Good to see in its natural surroundings. Good eye on the ram.
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05/24/09 10:49 PM GMT
nice and very clear shot,I think it is very beutyful
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Eva Karin Jacob
10/03/10 1:58 PM GMT
great job rob.
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