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A waspīs nest that i discovered on the outside of our house. I took this photo with a tele lens, didnīt want to get to close :-).


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09/22/07 8:23 PM GMT
Marvelous shot, Susanne. You got close enough for me too! lol I am awed by all the variegated colorations in the nest. What construction! Thanks for taking this. I hope no Susanne's were injured in the acquisition of this photo. lol
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09/22/07 8:56 PM GMT
You're right! There's the guardian at the gate, just daring you to disturb this nest that's sure to be a mistake!! I don't blame you. I get rid of these pests when they set up shop on my house as soon as I can!! Stings of fire..great shot!

♫ :)PJ ♪

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09/22/07 9:07 PM GMT
It is a Fantastic construction..Absolutely Wonderful shot,Susanne..
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09/22/07 9:11 PM GMT
Wow, this is great, I love the depth of field it has. And the fact he looks like he is about to fly out at me if I get to close to the screen :-]
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09/22/07 9:40 PM GMT
They don't like being disturbed! Hope it is not too close to the house or else you will need professional help if you want to get rid of it. Great capture!
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09/22/07 11:28 PM GMT
Hi Susanne,

this is very different. I also an intrigued by the unusual construction. Nice Shot!!

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09/22/07 11:36 PM GMT
Hi Susanne
Nice macro shot ..very clear.Be careful I think they do sting:)
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09/23/07 1:37 AM GMT

This is a spectacular photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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09/23/07 6:42 AM GMT
Fascinating detail shot... the striations in the nest 'paper' are really interesting. And I'm glad you didn't have to get so close to take the picture!
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09/23/07 9:24 AM GMT
You wouldn't have got me near that even with the 'Hubble' telescope!!!Looks like an alien thingy!! he he!
crackin capture though, hope they are all gone now!
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09/23/07 10:48 AM GMT
what an amazing shot, i saved it :)
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09/23/07 12:55 AM GMT
What a shot and how brave you are! Good going lady!
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09/23/07 7:41 PM GMT
You were right not to get too close! Great detail in this piece. Good job.

Ian :)
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09/23/07 8:30 PM GMT
Just had this in vb, what a great capture.
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09/23/07 11:30 PM GMT
This is so good.An excellent capture.
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09/24/07 1:32 AM GMT
you did right...that little guard is keeping a close eye on you...
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09/24/07 6:06 AM GMT
Great shot. Perfect timing to capture the guardian of the house on the look out or is he just coming out for a smoke??!!
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09/24/07 12:29 AM GMT
This is impressive - I've never seen anything like it. You've done a beautiful job capturing the texture of the nest and the little wasp looking in your direction. Great capture.
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09/25/07 1:01 AM GMT
Good shot! Now break out the spray.
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09/25/07 4:18 PM GMT
excellent :) sorry for the generic excellent, i have a lot to catch up on :)
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'to start press any key ! Wheres the ANY key ?
09/25/07 10:33 PM GMT
great and original shot, gotta stay on the right place on the special hour!:))
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09/26/07 1:05 PM GMT
Fantastic shot Susanne. Lovely color and structure on the nest and sharpness is excellent. You did a superb work here Susanne.
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10/01/07 4:15 PM GMT
What a great and challenging shot, whew!!
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10/05/07 6:54 PM GMT
WOW!! What an amazing shot!!! I'd be VERY anxious!! Absolutely perfect and great shot!!!
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10/06/07 6:07 PM GMT
What a cool shot. I can see why you used the telephoto lens. Nice work.
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02/08/09 12:11 AM GMT
Good photo! I got stung by one of these once. Guess what? It hurts. Was my fault though because I was a kid and teasing them.
Thank you. Allen
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