snow globes  

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Uploaded: 12/06/08 5:18 AM GMT
snow globes
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I have to credit my ingenious wife with this idea.....all the art is original, even down to the snowflakes. The house was from a picture I took up state NY, during last years huge snow fall. Those snow banks are real! Festivus for the restofus.....


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12/06/08 5:23 AM GMT
I am so glad to be the first one to comment on this one. You did an amazing job. It's a big 10 + fav.
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12/06/08 9:00 AM GMT
Excellent job! Into the favs!
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12/06/08 1:50 PM GMT
I agree! It's excellent, a 10 and faved!
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12/06/08 3:46 PM GMT
you did a wonderful job on this one, very creative, would make a perfect Xmas card:))
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12/06/08 5:34 PM GMT
That is one of the more ingenious images I've seen lately. :) Well done.
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12/07/08 12:53 AM GMT
Nice design.
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12/07/08 3:56 AM GMT
Lol, I like it!
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12/07/08 7:27 PM GMT
beautiful work ....:)
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12/29/08 11:53 AM GMT
good work!!!!! excellent
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03/01/09 10:09 PM GMT
Very Nice Work!!
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