Layout #7 (Final Revision)  

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Uploaded: 03/20/04 7:32 PM GMT
Layout #7 (Final Revision)
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A black version of the previous layouts. This will be my final version of this layout.


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03/20/04 8:18 PM GMT
def the best layout of all of yours. I like this one quite a bit.
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03/20/04 8:50 PM GMT
yeh agree with tracy this one is realy good. i definately liek this version of yours and her black one the best. great job
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03/20/04 9:15 PM GMT
this defn is the best one and they defn got better each time. the layouts functional and pretty eye-appealing. what is it about the images that makes them have a white dot in each corner? i'm also curious what images are shown across the top horizontal bar. other than that its really good, if a little flat.
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03/20/04 9:35 PM GMT
flatness is less eye catching, thus, it pushes th focus more toward the images. The white dot comes from me copying the images from the current caedes layout. The dots wouldn't show up if this layout were used. The images shown across the top are random images from the site. This selection is actually used in the image "". It was a whole lot easier than making another row.
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03/22/04 1:16 PM GMT
i like this one
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03/23/04 12:17 AM GMT
this is nice
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03/27/04 8:16 PM GMT
I think this is the best color scheme of this design mainly because it is the most color-neutral.
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03/30/04 9:22 PM GMT
I love the metallic look to it.. makes it look futuristic and it fits very well with all the pictures. Awesome job Sam, I hope it wins! =)
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04/03/04 8:38 PM GMT
I like this one....good job!
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
04/16/04 1:36 PM GMT
Definately my favourite design, everything looks great; colour scheme works well, the layout is really good and the font is clear and effective. I hope this one wins :D
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04/28/04 12:10 AM GMT
i really like this alot, i personally like the way the site is now, but i really like this!!
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05/05/04 4:17 PM GMT
nice! ; )
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05/09/04 3:40 PM GMT
The only thing is that i dont see the users online section
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08/16/04 2:32 PM GMT
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12/14/04 6:25 PM GMT
Very Nice. I like this one a lot. Being a Web Designer myself, I see great potential in this design.

Great job!!!
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05/05/05 8:39 AM GMT
This one is superb :)
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09/02/07 2:58 AM GMT
i like this one the best!
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