Lonely Tree (Clearer Res.)  

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Uploaded: 04/02/04 12:09 AM GMT
Lonely Tree (Clearer Res.)
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Bryce 5 & Photoshop 7. Re-rendered in larger resolution for a clearer shot.


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04/02/04 9:24 PM GMT
This is a very well thought scene...İ liked it a lot...if it was in a larger resolution it would be great..also a lil bit more detail to make it look more "a bit" more real..İ liked it a lot..Good work sam...;)
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06/14/04 9:39 PM GMT
ooo very pretty :D i love it, into the favs!
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"Time Heals All Wounds"
07/29/04 2:12 PM GMT
It's very pretty, but the tree needs more detail to look more real. Very nice from a distance though.
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09/08/04 2:16 AM GMT
Beautiful Image, the rainbow makes it definitely unique. Thanks.
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11/28/04 11:10 PM GMT
The rainbow is an excellent touch. ^_^
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