Ivory Towers  

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Uploaded: 01/04/04 12:10 AM GMT
Ivory Towers
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Here 'tis...

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01/04/04 12:54 AM GMT
Woh Sam,i am not a specialist but i think it's great and Marvellous!! work.Very nice colors.
10/10 and in my favorits.
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carpe diem.
01/04/04 5:15 PM GMT
very cool. I like this one better. very clear colors for a different atmosphere. you could put a Princess on the balcony too!^^ lol
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01/04/04 5:31 PM GMT

You're our very own René Magritte! I really like this LOL~
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
01/04/04 6:19 PM GMT
Wow, Sam, I like this one even better than The Visitors! 10/10 all the way. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
01/04/04 11:44 PM GMT
Thanks alot guys! Cain - I thought of putting a person in somewhere but I can't draw people to save my life. And I didn't really think a stick figure would fit in... :-). But if anyone else wants to add one...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
01/05/04 9:14 AM GMT
Hey! Good job! I like this one much better. Very Rene Magritte! Well balanced.
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Don't Panic!
01/06/04 8:27 PM GMT
nice work.....i like ur vision here : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button : ) ................................................................................................. ............Happy new year!!! let it be a good 2004 : )
01/10/04 1:32 AM GMT
How you do that?Very nice Sam.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Living&Enjoying Life Nothing To Fear
01/10/04 9:59 AM GMT
Thanks Jojo, monkey, & myth! Jojo, the background is (obviously) Terragen, the towers were drawn in Photoshop and are basiacally a series of rectangles and ovals with effects applied to give them depth and texture. Hopefully as I have more practice with PS I will be able to create better images, but I think this isn't bad for only my second attempt...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
01/25/04 12:43 AM GMT
Sam, this is just so beautiful. Great job. 10/10
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01/29/04 12:46 AM GMT
I love images with a story implied...very creative.
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never give up
02/03/04 12:42 AM GMT
Very nice. Nice use of terragen. I admire you for being able to use it. I've tried and everything I render either looks like a patchwork quilt or like a landscape with no depth. It reminds of a cover on a fantasy novel... :)
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02/25/04 8:16 AM GMT
Yep. There it is. The castle indeed. Now I get it. And, you have been challenging yourself since I've last been here. Good for you!
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06/22/04 4:46 PM GMT
Excellent concept and image! The only thing that I can see to be missing is the (corporate) chains holding the towers to the ground and the (debt) chains keeping the students and many teachers from free inquiry. Thanks.
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08/29/04 1:40 AM GMT
Amazingly excellently expressed sentiment,and well renendered.In these times shelter has become extremely expensive to find for the young in 'academe' and can prove to be ultimately crippling. Wish it weren't so. However, according to Christian Scripture, who is the 'god' of this (present) world, the 'ruler' of this (present) world, the 'prince' of this (present) world? Does it make better sense now? Thy Kingdom Will Come!
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02/01/09 12:21 AM GMT
Saw this one on the "Featureds" section...Wow... Vintage Samatar! Into the favs!
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