Boolean operations in Bryce  

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Uploaded: 05/28/04 2:19 PM GMT
Boolean operations in Bryce
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As requested by Piner, this is how I made "Behold!", although the dimensions are probably not the same, I just fiddled with the numbers until it looked right. Once again let me know if it is helpful or not!

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05/28/04 4:28 PM GMT
Thank you, Sam, thankyouthankyouthankyou. :)
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Mary in Montana
05/28/04 4:57 PM GMT
Yes, I have had lots of fun with boolean operations in Bryce. Sadly I am too lazy or disorganised to write a tutorial - thanks Sam. I would go as far as to say that without boolean operations in Bryce you can only create reasonably basic images.

I have also found that the symmetrical lattice function and the terrain editor are extremely useful in Bryce for creating non-standard shapes (especially in conjunction with imported photos or PICT files). Also. the little 'solo' button at the bottom right of the screen is invaluable when your scene gets cluttered.

Perhaps I should write a tutorial, but I don't know on what....ho hum.
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06/02/04 9:01 PM GMT
Excellent graphics and layout. Not sure how you do this, but very well done, Sam.
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06/03/04 8:27 AM GMT
Sam I want to think you for being the first to actualy layout a Bryce tutorial. Great Job.
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06/09/04 12:50 AM GMT
Thanks Sam! :c)
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06/14/04 10:07 PM GMT
Do you know how to disect objects in Moray?
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