Ancient Pathway rev. 2  

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Uploaded: 02/05/06 9:59 AM GMT
Ancient Pathway rev. 2
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Hopefully this looks a bit more realistic now. Changes are as follows: Tried to add a subtle perspective to the towers as per prismmagics advice; added shadow to castle wall behind trees; did a bit more "gardening" by cropping out bright bits of trees; added support structure to tall tower room; used filter to add more texture to castle and signpost; added the small guardtower. Feedback please!

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02/05/06 10:07 AM GMT
Much better... all you need now is a knight in shining armour riding a white horse.. hehehe
I think you need to put something on the grass eg. Medieval fair or jousting ... just my opinion...
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02/05/06 10:15 AM GMT
i does look better , but (a small one ) i think you could a bit of rock texture to the castle to give it a more wornout look.
Still good work.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy. my images
02/05/06 10:20 AM GMT
Even though the changes may look small, I know you put a lot of work into making them. Time well spent, in my opinion. Very nice job.
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02/05/06 10:56 AM GMT
You always do good work, and if you have to edit yoru work, your do even better. This is a real gem. Well, yes a Knight in shining armour would almost be nice..but not sure about it.
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02/05/06 12:32 AM GMT
Nice construction work.. Are you accepting paying guests yet? I do hope it has indoor plumbing.:)
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02/05/06 1:43 PM GMT
LOL @ Ann .....Nicely done Sam. Now what you need to do is cut a window high up in that front tower & show Rapunzel leaning out to her prince, with her long, long, hair.
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02/05/06 4:07 PM GMT
Agree with all above. This rendition is much more realistic. I must ask the same question as MORWYN, let me know when I can check-in.
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02/05/06 4:35 PM GMT
mmmm...very pretty medieval fantasy world:-)Well done!
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02/05/06 5:36 PM GMT
I agree with all of the above. This is beautiful. :)
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02/05/06 7:04 PM GMT
That looks better now . The perspective is better and the angle of the shadow is good, but it would hlep to good extend and be mearge it with a tree shadow, lightly on to the forground grass in another layer then blured to soften and then stretched and faded to the left side of the image..
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02/05/06 11:24 PM GMT
Great job Sam, very nice manip, quite realistic looking. Good Luck!..=)
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02/06/06 8:20 PM GMT
This is my type of generated landscape.Love the feel of history in it.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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02/12/06 6:34 AM GMT
I think this looks really good, and the touches you've added have given the castle a the look of belonging in the scene. Can I be bold?? A suggestion, have you thought of adding a pathway from the foreground (post) sweeping around to the castle - say around behind the bushes in the mid-ground? Love this picture overall - well done.
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03/11/06 4:48 AM GMT
And... where's the pup??
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10/03/06 3:00 PM GMT
this work compliments my desktop very well. Great work
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