Spider jewel  

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Uploaded: 04/24/06 2:29 AM GMT
Spider jewel
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This isn't really a spider that looks like a jewel, but rather an attempt to use Nathan's Jewel technique on the spider logo. I turned out fairly well I think, but I suspect I could experiment with the technique a bit more to get a better result with these sort of shapes.

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04/24/06 3:25 AM GMT
I think this is downright elegant. I like it - a lot.
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04/24/06 4:23 AM GMT
Good design. Good job on the reflectin.
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04/24/06 6:40 AM GMT
the design does look good Sam.. even tho it doesnt take on that jewel look, it did turn out nicely.. the colors on the spider and the background work well together.. i think the text doesnt need the drop shadow tho.. it makes it a bit difficult to read.. tho, of course we all know what it says..

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04/24/06 9:26 AM GMT
I agree with Nathan...Simple and elegant! Great composition!
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04/24/06 1:31 PM GMT
Definately elegant... love the colour... nice work Sam
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04/24/06 11:58 PM GMT
I agree about the shadow on the text. Maybe try integrating the text with the backdrop instead?
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04/26/06 10:48 AM GMT
The colour scheme to me rocks!! Luv the logo too, butter smooth with just enough reflection bouncing off!! Splenderific Sam!!
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05/16/06 10:15 PM GMT
Yes, the colours are gorgeous and the logo looks great! The text could be a little bit larger... Great job nevertheless!!!!
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06/16/06 5:18 PM GMT
Beautiful in it's simplicity, and earth/sky coloring. I'd suggest increasing the font for as well, because it's very hard to read. Overall a very pretty desktop!
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09/02/06 1:36 AM GMT
Very nice design good color as stated above the text is a bit small but all together wonderful job
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01/25/07 1:57 AM GMT
Slick and smooth. Cool.
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07/21/11 9:13 AM GMT
an attention soother
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