Roaring Meg  

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Uploaded: 04/06/10 7:53 AM GMT
Roaring Meg
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These rapids were apparently named after a rather boisterous woman who lived in the gold mining community that once thrived here. Nowadays it is used for hydroelectricity. I have just cropped out the generator building to the right but you can see the waterfall where the water exits.

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04/06/10 10:28 AM GMT
Another usage of vertical which bring a focus on the river.
I really like.
Thanks for having shared it.
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04/06/10 2:35 PM GMT
The lighting and the colors are beautiful in this image. I especially like that sky. Very nice.
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04/06/10 2:48 PM GMT
Sam you do get around colors light all in balance nice job.

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You do not need a knife to draw blood a pencil and paper work just as well. RvdB (Warhead)
04/07/10 6:18 PM GMT
A beautiful looking view and nice composition in your shot. Great lighting, clarity and colours, particularly the river and sky.
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In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is; you're what's left.
04/13/10 11:45 PM GMT
Forgive me for not commenting lately. I went off on a 4 day trip and now I am sick and not feeling much like sitting at a computer. Just wanted you to know I viewed your pretty picture.
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