The Front Of Black  

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Uploaded: 12/30/04 2:20 AM GMT
The Front Of Black
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This is a photo that i created on 3DsMax 7, took a while to make because i do not know hoe to make wings from like spline. Though, if any one knows a place where i can learn how to do wings using splines on the enternet then could you please tell me. anyways this is a random guy i started to make and he has bones some muscle and even though it does not show up well there are tendons, he is also part machine.


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12/30/04 5:01 AM GMT
geez thats a heck of alot of effort! Nice black and silver image, quite clean and interesting. High marks from me...
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01/03/05 4:38 PM GMT
thanks, it took ages so it's nice to here it came out well :)
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10/17/05 3:55 AM GMT
thats very interesting. i love the artwork. and the name. high marks.
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04/18/12 4:19 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Faved...
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