Twilight in the Sound  

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Uploaded: 11/20/03 5:56 AM GMT
Twilight in the Sound
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2nd Terragen image ever, post processing in Photoshop, hope yall like it!

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11/20/03 12:29 AM GMT
Very good for a second attempt... a rather "primordeal" scene I think... did you do the wave effect with Photoshop, or with a plugin?
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
11/20/03 12:55 AM GMT
I think we all like it !

Well done Sherpa..
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11/20/03 1:10 PM GMT
samatar: i used "Sorta multi surf" the plugin
Thanks puma
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11/20/03 6:42 PM GMT
Excellent image. Wasn't sure when I first saw it whether it was Terragen or a photo.
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11/20/03 7:24 PM GMT
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11/20/03 11:22 PM GMT
Ah, I have tried that plugin... but it didn't work very well for me so I used "Ripples" instead. I think I had the camera too far away...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
11/22/03 6:49 AM GMT
Nice work, ilike it.Good job.
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carpe diem
11/27/03 3:40 PM GMT
Oh nice one! Turned out fabulous =)
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11/27/03 5:23 PM GMT
thank you
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12/29/03 9:34 PM GMT
Very nice.
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12/31/03 3:20 AM GMT preeettie.....i want to touch it!. no seriously, i'd kill for some scenery like that.
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04/16/04 1:04 PM GMT
Ahhhhhh, summer night walking on the beach...
Your image brought this memory sharply in my mind
Thank you!
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10/18/05 12:37 AM GMT
very well done. it looks realistic. a simple picture but it's very beautiful.
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