Shiznet's KPT  

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Uploaded: 01/23/04 4:19 PM GMT
Shiznet's KPT
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hhhhhmmm when my PC crashed i lost everything and i cant find my bryce CD so just going to keep in PS only until i find it,,,,,,,,, I know its not the best but i have to do somthing :-/


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01/23/04 4:50 PM GMT
Nice job.
Like the colors.
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► Ichiban
01/23/04 5:01 PM GMT
soem sort of cosmic explosion/implosion.....maybe a white dwarf or some such. looks pretty good i like how it escapes into the borders : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button = {D
01/23/04 5:10 PM GMT
thanks !
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You only live once take it to the extreme -_- ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^› Shiznet ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^›
01/23/04 9:02 PM GMT
Very nice composition and colors.Well done Nick.
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carpe diem.
01/23/04 9:41 PM GMT
I thought this was Tracy when I first laid eyes on the thumbnail. Very well done Nick:-)
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"Next week there can't be any crisis. My schedule is already full." - Henry Kissinger
01/23/04 10:43 PM GMT
nope Tracy didnt help me on this one :-) did it by myself!
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You only live once take it to the extreme -_- ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^› Shiznet ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^›
02/04/04 6:06 PM GMT
Outstanding image Nick. Beautiful colors great and creative composition.
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02/17/04 3:37 AM GMT
very cool. the colors are great :)
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02/29/04 8:39 PM GMT
NIce bit of and Tracy seem to be in a competition <grin>.
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-DFX - "Come away with me to a fractal sea where the digital dophins flow.
03/01/04 12:39 AM GMT
lol.......... she cant face up to my work j/p ......... thanks
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You only live once take it to the extreme -_- ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^› Shiznet ‹^›(ò_Ó)‹^›
03/29/04 2:35 AM GMT
Love the combination of colors and rave look!!!!!
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07/12/04 4:13 AM GMT
I think it's beautiful.
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We want something else which can hardly be put into words—to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. That is why we have peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses and nymphs and elves—that, though we cannot, yet these projections can enjoy in themselves that beauty, grace, and power of which Nature is the image. That is why the poets tell us such lovely falsehoods. They talk as if the west wind could really sweep into a human soul; but it can’t. They tell us that ‘beauty born of murmuring sound’ will pass into a human face; but it won’t. Or not yet. —C. S. Lewis
09/02/04 3:49 AM GMT
beautiful work
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09/02/04 9:47 PM GMT
i love it! its so beautiful. im using it as my backgound right now. the only thing is, i can see, in the top right corner, where you colored over the start that is shown on the bottom right corner. just a thought
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10/26/04 12:59 AM GMT
very nice colourcomposition i think. very good!
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11/13/04 9:23 PM GMT
Very nice. It's been my desktop for quite some time.
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11/19/04 1:58 AM GMT
Cool background, It has a valentines-love-ie kind of feel to it.
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I solemnly swear I'm up to no good...
10/08/05 3:28 AM GMT
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03/03/06 10:20 PM GMT
freakin professional...
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08/31/07 9:21 PM GMT
i love it apart from the black bits on the top and bottom; i think they draw the eye away from the middle.
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01/30/09 8:48 PM GMT
I love pink and black... I faved this!
this image is unique and i love it!
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