Tree of Dreams  

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Uploaded: 02/20/11 1:53 AM GMT
Tree of Dreams
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The character of this lone crabapple tree caught my eye, and it stood out so well amidst the fog.


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02/20/11 2:14 AM GMT
Steve - The bare oval beneath the tree helps focus the image. The near symmetry of the tree offers a calming balanced composition. An excellent fog photo! Thad
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02/20/11 2:25 AM GMT
Thad is so very correct in his observations. I am also intrigued with the figure above the right first branch. It forms what looks to me to be dancing being. Excellent compositon.
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02/20/11 3:13 AM GMT
Now this is just outstanding!!! The comp is perfect!!! Beautiful foggy capture!!!
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02/20/11 7:58 AM GMT
Absolutely lovely work.
Amother faved of yours.
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02/20/11 8:15 AM GMT
A wonderful 'Sentinel' shot! has a drama to the composition, as if something ominous is about to happen!...
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02/20/11 10:06 AM GMT
That's a beauty Steve..Mist does add a lot to pictures...R.
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02/20/11 10:11 AM GMT
Very good photo Steve, in the fog.. wonderful quality work! Mich
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02/20/11 1:54 PM GMT
Great large old tree with lots of twisty limbs lost in the misty fog!
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02/20/11 4:10 PM GMT
I would be drawn to its wispiness as well. Nice choice of subject.
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02/20/11 7:05 PM GMT
High artistic quality photo, Steve. Misty background is perfect for this composition.

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02/20/11 8:31 PM GMT
I agree with you, the character of the tree really is wonderful and looks great in the fog. A very nice find and photo. Love it!
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02/20/11 8:43 PM GMT
Gorgeous,Steve..Fantastic composition.A Very Beautiful photo.Love it
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02/20/11 9:50 PM GMT
Really nice composition. I personally would have liked it a tad more constrasted, but still, an Excellant capture. And a Fav.
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02/21/11 3:57 AM GMT
This is a great tree for this type of shot and the snow and fog adds to it nicely , well done.
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02/21/11 4:25 PM GMT
Fantastic shot!
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02/21/11 7:23 PM GMT
Fabulous capture and love the moody feeling of the fog plus great composition.
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04/18/11 11:02 AM GMT
Hello Steve...A beautifully composed image that displays peace and tranquillity....Well done....All the very best to you Steve..............................................Mick.
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04/18/11 12:55 AM GMT
Thanks, Mick, for your kind words on "Tree of Dreams." I appreciate it. Have a great week!

- Steve
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02/28/14 6:28 PM GMT
ART! Pure, unadulterated art! Needs it's own canvas!
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