Sheltering Boughs  

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Uploaded: 03/15/11 12:50 AM GMT
Sheltering Boughs
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I like trees. After asking to take his photograph, I gave this old cottonwood a big hug and proceeded on my way.


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03/15/11 3:29 AM GMT
I've never seen one of these close up. Or at all! get dizzy real easy, so I can't keep this one, but it sure is a beauty Steve!
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03/15/11 4:19 AM GMT
Great angle and depth of field Steve. Really like the rough texture of the tree bark leading our eyes up to the sky
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03/15/11 7:33 AM GMT
Careful Steve someone may be watching..Real nice perspective here...Like it...R.
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03/15/11 8:12 AM GMT
~~Feels dizzy looking up at this, so turns screen upside down!~~

Ahh!..that's better! .. lol

Great vantage point again pal...the bark textures really stand out here!...and the perspective travels to the gods!.
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03/15/11 8:00 PM GMT
This is Gorgeous,Steve..Fantastic angle and textures.Love this.
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03/16/11 1:47 AM GMT
Steve - Excellent depth in this photo, with good focus bottom to top. The angle offers an interesting 'tree hugger's' perspective. Well done! Thad
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03/16/11 1:46 PM GMT
I too enjoy this perspective and clear details throughout. Wonderful textures. A place I would enjoy spending time. Thank you for sharing it.
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03/17/11 1:01 PM GMT
The angle of photo really allows you to perceive the size of the tree. And I love the blue sky in the background!
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03/18/11 12:01 AM GMT
that tree is in serious need of some lotion
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03/19/11 1:47 AM GMT
That's a fantastic perspective. Good eye.
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03/19/11 4:44 PM GMT
Great angle Steve, very good photography with deep colours! Mich
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03/20/11 1:34 PM GMT
Great perspective of height! Nice work!
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03/23/11 5:21 AM GMT
This is a very interesting shot. Nice crisp focus too.
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03/24/11 2:18 PM GMT
Superbly taken I like the most is how you put focus to details and the far away although important aspect of the tree are a bit outta focus. Overall 10/10
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03/25/11 4:16 AM GMT
He does seem a bit shy, nice of him to let you take the snap and nice of him to smile a little Mona Lisa smile for you as well.
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03/28/11 3:49 PM GMT
That's high...Nice capture!
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