Summer Garden  

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Uploaded: 03/28/11 1:53 AM GMT
Summer Garden
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This one is for Biffobear who, being tired of winter's chill, was hoping to see a lovely summery one. :)


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03/28/11 3:19 AM GMT
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this fabulous summery image, we still have lots of snow
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03/28/11 3:23 AM GMT
Love the scene and those pretty spring colors! Excellent shot Steve!
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03/28/11 6:54 AM GMT
Richie likes owt!...He moans when it Winter, Spring, or Summer!

Nice post to bring that summery feel to our shores!...

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03/28/11 8:50 AM GMT
Now you're talking.I'm warming up already..My wife says if i had been a girl,My mother would have called me Mona...R..
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In life as in dance: grace glides on blistered feet.
03/28/11 3:38 PM GMT
Beautiful in compo and colours Steve.. can't wait for the summer :-)! Very good work! Mich
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03/28/11 5:02 PM GMT
Such a happy scene! I love it :) It reminds me of how spring is here and soon everything should start coming to life. Beautiful!
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03/28/11 9:54 PM GMT
Simply Gorgeous!!!
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03/29/11 7:35 PM GMT
A beautiful looking scene and a lovely view of the garden flowers. Gorgeous colours and nice clarity in your photo.
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03/30/11 6:31 AM GMT
I think most everyone is tired of the Winter chill! I would love to see such color and beauty and I hope it comes fast! Such a nice image and so well done!
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03/31/11 1:09 AM GMT
incredibly layering and use of space, my eyes love this picture
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04/01/11 7:34 PM GMT
What a Beautiful scene,Steve.Stunning colors.A Very Beautiful photo.Love it
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04/08/11 5:51 PM GMT
Looks like a great day to visit with lots of sun and bright blue skies the colors of the flowers are so vivid Steve!
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04/12/11 2:26 AM GMT
Hello Steve....A very well balanced photo with plenty of spring plants in glorious colour....Viewing this picture makes you feel good inside....Well done....All the very best to you Steve...............................................Mick.
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06/14/11 12:23 AM GMT
This is a very well composed shot... or maybe a well composed garden?? Either way a lovely scene...
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