The Stress of Strings  

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Uploaded: 01/07/05 11:14 PM GMT
The Stress of Strings
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Looked nice on my desktop so I decided to share it.


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01/07/05 11:32 PM GMT
cool angle to get the shot from, i like the focus as well.
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01/08/05 2:26 AM GMT
Thanks Burningice. I liked the shadows. Makes the angle look even longer.
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01/08/05 2:31 AM GMT
ahh i love pictures of guitars, i dont know why but theyre really cool...this one is awesome
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01/08/05 3:58 AM GMT
Great image I agree with Tyler love the angle and very criisp . It does make a nice desktop

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04/01/05 7:47 PM GMT
nice image. love it
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04/12/05 10:55 PM GMT
Great control of the depth of field. Beautiful colors and beautiful instrument!
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04/25/05 5:49 AM GMT
Great focus and clarity. What kind of guitar is it? It has a pretty interesting design
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05/02/05 2:23 AM GMT
It's a Turner Model 1. It's the same guitar Lindsay Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac uses. Thanks for the comments!
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05/18/05 5:04 PM GMT
perfect lighting. The metalic parts looks very vivid - real. And the angle of view is very sophisticated! i like this, so i give 10 points image overall (inspiration and conditions of photography) :)
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06/01/05 9:48 AM GMT
Verry Cool photo!!! I like the colors veeeeery much!!! 10/10
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09/03/05 4:03 PM GMT
it looks very cool, but the couch in the background and the dust on parts of the guitar sort of take away from the image itself
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09/05/05 2:46 AM GMT
I kind of liked the dust and the couch. Gave it an authentic feel to it. But that's my opinion. I no longer have that guitar anymore. :(
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03/19/06 8:59 PM GMT
great guitar man now play it smooth!!!
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07/27/06 4:05 AM GMT
Focus and angle are great. I love close-ups of strings, and bridges.
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02/05/07 1:32 AM GMT
Class Shot, Color is so nice, what type of pickup is on there? its crazy looking, unless that lust the camer angle...
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09/18/23 2:17 PM GMT
Great close-up! Faved...
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