Life is a Bowl of Cherries  

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Uploaded: 06/25/05 8:13 PM GMT
Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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This is the first contest I have entered here at Caedes, and hopefully it will not be my last. Let me know what you think.


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06/25/05 9:33 PM GMT
Very nice.. I like it..
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06/25/05 11:00 PM GMT
This is the first entry I've seen so far that captures my idea of what pop art "should" look like. I'm not too sure about the subject, as I think a pop art subject should be iconic, if you see what I mean (ie, reflect "popular" culture). Not that I have a degree in the arts or anything, this is just my understanding. But you are definitely on the right track here.
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06/26/05 8:48 AM GMT
VERY nicely the colours
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06/26/05 9:38 AM GMT
I love the softness and the colours. Well done and good luck :)
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x-X-sarah-X-x Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank
06/26/05 2:06 PM GMT
Pop art is an imitation or an exageration of real life and you've captured that with not only your image, but your title. Well done!
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06/27/05 2:34 PM GMT
I like your composition and colours but i think it looks better in smal res than in high beause you can see the "cutting lines" less.Still its verry pop art .
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read more fantasy
06/28/05 10:23 PM GMT
Good idea wish the lines were a little bit smoother. The thumbnail does look better then the full size I'm afraid though.
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I would like to thank all the people that cringe when they think of me. I ment well.
06/29/05 2:24 AM GMT
I think the whole idea was to have the choppy lines with this one. To me pop art is not supposed to be perfect, but then again to each his own taste. I like it.
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06/29/05 2:27 AM GMT
Thank you. It was meant to be imperfect (kind of abstract). I redid this picture, however. Look for Life is a Bowl of Cherries (redone). : )
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07/03/05 3:54 PM GMT
What a smart idea! The color theme and layout works very well!
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