Gunnamatta Beach  

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Uploaded: 04/02/04 10:49 PM GMT
Gunnamatta Beach
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An ocean beach south of Melbourne.


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04/02/04 11:40 PM GMT
Nice photo of a powerful location!
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04/03/04 9:42 AM GMT
Wish I was there...
great shot!
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Nobody's Perfect, And I'm nobody :p
04/03/04 11:38 AM GMT
Very nice work!.
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carpe diem.
04/03/04 3:37 PM GMT
A lovely range of colours across the sky, sea and sand. Nice shot, and good timing with the waves :-)
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04/10/04 6:20 PM GMT
Aah, backgrounds... the next best thing to summer break. ^_^
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Quoth the Raven; "Caw!"
04/17/04 12:19 AM GMT
My heart took a leap when i saw the name of this picture - I love this beach and in summer i go here as much as possible bodysurfing. I have always wanted to take pictures of the sand ridges behind the beach but all those signs tell you not to go on them,...... and well, i don't want to disturb rare those birds....oh welll.

Great picture 9/10 fantastic capture and great composition!!!!
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06/04/04 5:00 PM GMT
Wonderful pic - I love the beach!
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03/14/06 5:29 AM GMT
I can hear the surf roiling in this one. Like the variety of colors in the sandy beach. water is gorgeous. Sky really has a lot of contrast. Everything afore mentioned is totally different one from the other yet they all live with one another in complete harmony.
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08/22/06 12:51 AM GMT
This is a wonderful picture, and you have caught the feel of the surf so clearly I can almost hear it! Love the way the sky, the surf and the beach come together. Outstanding job.
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09/05/07 2:32 PM GMT
absolutely wishing I was there. Thank you for sharing!!
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11/28/07 6:26 AM GMT
beautiful shot
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