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on a backroad near here


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02/10/06 3:05 AM GMT
awesome lighting tracy. I love your style.
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"If there were no God, there would be no atheists." -G.K. Chesterton
02/10/06 4:01 AM GMT
What great B7W Image you really out did yourself on this one great shadows and contrast. I wish you would sign these. I would love to print it.
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
02/10/06 4:20 AM GMT
This one is really creepy. Looks like the tree has hands, eyes and a mounth too. You have done a good job with B&W and the corner burning.
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Kindly visit my gallery.
02/10/06 5:54 AM GMT
Striking shot, love the angle and lighting.

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02/10/06 7:23 AM GMT
Absolutely beautiful B&W picture you have captured here. Very striking.. High marks form the voting booth. *bow*
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"Can't Sleep, Clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me..."
02/10/06 7:30 AM GMT
didn't this tree grab a kid thru the window in "Poltergeist" ?????????????
Nice pic...very well done Tracy!
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02/10/06 7:52 AM GMT
Simply tremendous.
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02/10/06 9:59 AM GMT
I love the lighting and the shadows and the branches and twigs of this tree Tracy. I am sure it belongs to the old house :)...this is a great black and white image. Thanks for posting :~)
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~ Mimi~
02/10/06 1:58 PM GMT
This is a fabulous image. It puts me in mind of the fabled trees that talk. The contrasty black & white treatment has worked extremely well with this image.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thatís important. Ruth Ross
02/10/06 9:38 PM GMT
Very nice picture! Quality is outstanding. Besides of contrast I like how you achieved semitones and details. Composition quiet original to, well done.
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Once life becomes a habit, we cease to learn.
02/10/06 9:50 PM GMT
Excellent lighting and a very nice image.
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-- Arne --
02/10/06 11:03 PM GMT
Stunning black and white. Very good work!

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Its as simple as life.
02/11/06 9:26 PM GMT
thanks to everyone for all of the comments. I am pleased that you all have enjoyed this. I know that I enjoyed taking it and working with it. I do love working in b/w.
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02/12/06 4:40 PM GMT
There's nothing like black and white to highlight detail and texture. Beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing.
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03/01/06 7:23 PM GMT
A powerful image, Tracy. I like a lot :-)
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04/04/06 9:13 AM GMT
The angle, b/w, light and the framing makes this to a top photo.
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~Samuel Arnfjell~ New weekly upload to Lapland Postcard
05/14/06 1:36 AM GMT
i love this...i love trees and images of them...this is truly a beautiful image...i love the framing and black and white
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'i want to have the same last dream again, the one where i wake up and i'm alive' ::::: please vote*.
09/09/07 12:30 AM GMT
The depth and contrast is amazing on this one. Top notch!
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"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king" ~Tom Waits
11/09/08 8:00 PM GMT
simply awesome! how on earth did you get the vignetting behind the tree on the top left!!?
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im sorry if i dont reply to your kind words as quickly as hoped, im in the middle of a degree, but ill get there, honest.
02/22/09 4:26 AM GMT
Awesome!! Faved.
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God has created fantastic beauty for us to photograph and fantastic photographers to bring out that beauty in unique ways.
01/17/12 9:41 AM GMT
brilliant !! Ro
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty

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