A Christmas Suprise  

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Uploaded: 12/25/04 8:42 PM GMT
A Christmas Suprise
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This is my sons first electric train... I spent a good part of christmas eve setting this track and tunnel up. I wish I could show you his face when he saw it this morning...


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12/25/04 10:21 PM GMT
At one time, that was my favourite TV show. Very good choice.
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12/26/04 1:43 AM GMT
This is quite an awesome picture for this contest, my favorite one so far I must say.
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12/26/04 2:09 PM GMT
A very good image. Very nice composition. The motion blur makes it look like the train is moving backward into the presents. Great job.
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"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." Ansel Adams
12/30/04 3:44 PM GMT
This is a great interpretation of the contests objective. I wish you could have caught that look on his face too! That look when they come into the room is what makes the morning sparkle. Great Christmas wallpaper
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12/30/04 11:39 PM GMT
What an awesome pic the motion is great
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01/02/05 9:26 AM GMT
Nice moody picture. I like a lot :-)
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01/02/05 1:21 PM GMT
Fantastic - and I can imagine his face so well - what a lovely gift and a sensational image too.
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never give up, but........ "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." ;)
01/04/05 1:59 PM GMT
Great entry in the contest and one of particular interest to son, when a little younger, was also a big fan of Thomas the Train and had to have all the other friends of his too...Good Luck in the contest. : Pat.
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Wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2005 !
01/05/05 10:32 PM GMT
We all love Thomas the Tank...well done! I like this a lot. The Blur captures a good deal. Also, the background looks festive.
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02/01/05 12:10 AM GMT
Oh! I loved that train when I was a kid. I mean those things were so cool... =) Thanks
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02/01/05 4:59 AM GMT
I don't no I think this was the number one image.
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02/01/05 10:43 PM GMT
Very nice effect you have going on here. :D
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02/04/05 2:07 PM GMT
It actuallty isnt an "effect" I did a 4 sec. exposure, and after 2, I started the train moving forward really really fast.
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03/11/06 9:46 PM GMT
Ha! I love the concept, and you really brought it to life with the long exposure - fantastic!
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08/31/06 3:57 PM GMT
Fantastic shot, love it.

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