Reflective Pond  

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Uploaded: 10/23/07 3:22 AM GMT
Reflective Pond
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Taken at NHMA in Tupper Lake, NY October 22, 2007. Sometimes, nature sets the perfect scene.


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10/23/07 4:17 AM GMT
Impressive colors and well captured I must say. I sense high scores on this one.
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10/23/07 4:24 AM GMT
Amazing colors,looks very nice.
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10/23/07 4:25 AM GMT
Magnificent colors, a great reflection, and I gotta say I love the little droplet of disturbance in the water...makes me wanna go fishing! Great photo!
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10/23/07 6:01 AM GMT
This is an amazing picture. I just love the perfect reflection in the water. Very nice job. I am looking forward to viewing more of your pics.
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10/23/07 12:43 AM GMT
This is excellent. Aside from being so well-executed from a technical standpoint, there's so much to look at, from top to bottom and from side to side, and each feature adds interest to the image. Very well done.
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10/23/07 7:22 PM GMT
Truly stunning. Makes me want to break out my fishing pole, but not use any bait.
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Scuba Dude
10/24/07 1:39 PM GMT
beautiful and very atmospheric!
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10/24/07 10:29 PM GMT
95 and well deserved. I'm glad I got to see this one, even if I am late. This is a real beauty.

♫ :)PJ 005 ♪

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"I never looked for it, gave it no name; yet I knew it always, when the gift of peace came. I stood quite still for the moment that it lasted...Then the light shifted slightly and the moment passed, leaving me...with the lasting echo of its presence.." Diana Gabaldon
10/25/07 6:02 PM GMT
Had this in the VB and had go and see the full version. What a wonderful photo! Everything is great, clarity, colours, comp and light. Goes to my favs. Thank´s for sharing!
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10/25/07 6:06 PM GMT
This simply is one of the best pictures on the site. It is fantastic and I envy you your eye and your skill.
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If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. G. K. Chesterton
10/25/07 7:32 PM GMT
Sometimes, nature sets the perfect scene.
Yes that is true.
Sometimes, someone captures the scene perfectly.
That is also true.
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
10/31/07 12:32 AM GMT
i've been to tupper lake :) beautiful place

wonderful scene you caught there.
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11/03/07 8:57 PM GMT
Just gorgeous! The colors and lighting with the reflections is great. :)
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Life is the pits sometimes, but God and your friends are always there to help you through it.
10/23/08 11:41 PM GMT
Aw the beauty of nature, this is a beautiful picture! :)
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11/01/08 11:08 AM GMT
10/10. stunning shot. nature and photographer at their best. good work
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Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
02/01/11 5:00 PM GMT
Fantastic capture.
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