The Thing from the Hard Drive  

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Uploaded: 02/13/07 7:20 PM GMT
The Thing from the Hard Drive
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I would have provided a larger size for this if I could, but unfortunately the fractal images seem to be limited by the resolution of my monitor - at least in the case of Xaos. I tried doing a bigger wallpaper anyway (without expanding the fractal), but the poor Thing looked dwarfed in the corner, with a large expanse of black stretching away from it. No wonder we don't see it very often...


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02/13/07 8:10 PM GMT
What a great picture! It makes me wonder what is lurking undetected on my hard drives...

I found the same problem with Xaos - I could only get images a little smaller than the resolution of my monitor. That means a bit less than 1024x768. The one person I asked about this said he/she scaled the images up afterwards making sure to render high quality. But 1024x768 is so much smaller than 1600x1200 I've just avoided posting Xaos images. It would be great to have a work around for this, though...

Really nice sense of depth and mystery to this. Nice work.

- cfr
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02/14/07 12:42 AM GMT
that is fantastic... lovely colors, very different. Oh, and I don't use Xaos, but I do know that you're right: it limits the size of image to the size of your image. That is so pretty... Oh, and one way you can go around this restriction is do your images in fragments, and then paste them together in ... say, Photofiltre. I want more!
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02/14/07 5:54 PM GMT
Its wonderful! The thing from outer space or the deep has nothing so frightening! Great fractal - well done!
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02/14/07 9:51 PM GMT
A very beautiful fractal - I like the colours and how it fades in the background. Great work. :)
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02/16/07 4:42 AM GMT
This is very pretty. I love the colors. A keeper.
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