The Blue Tree  

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Uploaded: 02/27/07 2:40 AM GMT
The Blue Tree
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Another example of a Tierazon fractal layered in Paintshop Pro, this time using filters.


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02/27/07 2:49 AM GMT
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02/27/07 2:51 AM GMT
I agree, very very pretty and well done...good work and thanks for sharing.:Pat.
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02/27/07 2:52 AM GMT
What he said!!

You've got a lovely way with these and choose subtle but stunning colours, always light and airy, delicate and summery.

- cfr
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02/27/07 4:25 AM GMT
Love the green, blue and yellow tones... Purple adds than nice trippy effect...
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02/27/07 9:02 AM GMT
very pretty and delicate colours, and you've given it a nice depth! lovely :)
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02/27/07 9:58 AM GMT
That's beautiful! Looks almost like a bouquet of magical flowers and foliage. Well done - you are certainly enjoying this - and coming up with lovely creations.
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It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Seneca
02/27/07 12:58 AM GMT
This is soooooooo pretty, i love the subtle colours!
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02/28/07 5:39 AM GMT
This is very pretty! Nice soft colors.
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You will be led to the knowledge of the internal things which are invisible to you, by the external things which you see before you. . . . Even so then, we can represent to ourselves in thought the Author of all that is, by contemplating and admiring the (visible) things which He has made, and ever brings into being. - Hermes
02/28/07 3:12 PM GMT
Way gorgeous! My new wallpaper for the week.
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07/17/07 1:25 AM GMT
Nice Pastels..Great wallpaper:)
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