Fool's Island  

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Uploaded: 10/22/07 7:08 PM GMT
Fool's Island
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This is my first upload to the Computer section - it feels strange, as at first my mouse headed automatically for 'abstracts - fractals'.

This was rendered in Bryce 5.5. Any 3D tips and suggestions welcome, as I'm still learning the ropes.


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10/23/07 2:34 AM GMT
This is very beautiful, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
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10/23/07 6:59 AM GMT
For a first upload its brilliant, my advise................just have fun with it. :-)
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10/25/07 3:04 PM GMT
Great work for your first computer abstract, looking forward to seeing more.
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11/01/07 10:16 AM GMT
This looks quite good. I especially like how the rainbow goes into the middle of the island. Nice touch there!

At 1st I thought that the colors were too many/bright, but honestly, it's already grown on me. In other words, the colors/brightness fits very well.

I like it.

This would be a great wallpaper with Star Docks Azkaban or even the Magic Desktop.

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Haunted cereal in the morning.
11/10/07 4:22 AM GMT
Really nice concept Tootles.

I think you struck 'gold' on that aspect alone.

Suggestions? Tips?

Aside from the program itself, and if I may be so bold ... compositionally I think your piece could benefit from offsetting the island.

Perhaps, and as a suggestion ... onto our infamous 'rule of thirds' intersecting point of the bottom right hand side. Would allow for more of the rainbow to be visible, as well as create a stronger leading line of that element for your piece here.

Would really like to see you come back to this one at some point, as I know you get bored going over old ground.

However ... you really have a great idea here and as you gain more proficiency with the program (the topography of the island could be improved a bit IMHO) think this would make for an excellent framed piece in a child's room ... or mine; which essentially is the same thing. :oP

Nice work. :o)
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