Noah's Tree  

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Uploaded: 04/05/08 2:46 PM GMT
Noah's Tree
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This is my rework of Noah's tree (that's his original image), part of the Post-Process Another's Photo thread. I like the thought of us all working on the same picture at the same time but getting different effects. I wrote in more detail of my edits in the thread mentioned above.

Thanks to everyone for commenting - very much appreciated.

I later uploaded four different variations on ImageShack - three are manipulations (ranging in degree) and one was my original rather pale edit which I worked on to get this one. Come to think of it, maybe I should upload the Photofiltre one just for fun, though it's a bit saturated and rough for my taste.


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04/05/08 3:06 PM GMT
The center of the image is maybe a little burned IMO.
Nice try ! :-)
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04/05/08 6:19 PM GMT
Reversing my M.O. on the other images submitted for Noah's editing challenge ... here are the comments left on that discussion thread:

Really have to applaud your time spent in your detailed explanation of your edits above. That information will sure to prove helpful, particularly with your image and Noah's as reference.

As you outlined, you were successful in removing the noise/grain ... your last steps might have been avoidable (referencing your clone work) as order of edits performed is important and I am hoping Noah can clear that up for us. I shall endeavour to provide a link or two that validates the reasons for ordering edits as well.

Very smooth gradation throughout the sky, however I would agree with Pierre that the central portion is a little too hot. As a consequence it does disturb the silhouette of the tree some. More so, in the lower boughs of course.

And if I may, another suggestion ... think that by selecting the moon (and that white speck? believe it is a star) and then simply changing that layer's blending mode, with just that selection ... to Screen, you could have achieved bringing some additional balance visually and another point of focus for your viewers.

Full screen view is much better, than what the thumbnail provides as a preview of your work.

A fine effort and thanks for joining us on this round. :o)

p.s. Great title, just had to get that in as well.
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04/05/08 6:55 PM GMT
Niceimage, well done :-)
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04/05/08 9:14 PM GMT
I agree with Pierre and Les about the center. The contrast between the colours in the sky is to big in my opinion, but a nice try and not bad at all:))
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04/06/08 10:07 AM GMT
The colors and tree silhouette are very nice,nicely done,lovely picture.
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04/07/08 5:13 AM GMT
Annother lovely rework image Tootles! I like the way you lightened the has been said, the area in the center is a bit too bright but I do like the way you created the gradiet colors. This is fun!! :=)
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04/07/08 1:19 PM GMT
Auto levels always tries to give you a pure white, which is too drastic for this image imho. I used to use Elements 2 and Iím sure that if you hold the alt key (or the mac equivalent) down while you use the levels it would progressively show the tones drop out by changing the colour of the affected area in the image. I am impressed by your gradient work and the smoothing affect it created. Itís been a fun exercise for me, I hope it was for you too.
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01/05/09 4:28 AM GMT
the sky looks fantastic! it's like something out of a dream
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05/18/09 12:14 AM GMT
Wonderful rework I love the colors and photo. Well done keep experimenting.
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04/15/24 8:30 AM GMT
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