Lighter Moment  

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Uploaded: 03/20/09 12:00 AM GMT
Lighter Moment
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Found this shady green corner in Apophysis 2.08 3D Hack. (Well, actually, had to beat through the bush to get there, so I didn't just find it!) Made the Apo gradient in Photoshop Elements and post-processed the fractal there.

I keep telling myself I'll upload a less bright post 'next time', but it never seems to happen. Tonight I was playing Roxy Music, and it put me in the mood for this one.

in our lighter moments
precious few
it's all that heavy weather
we're going through
when I turn the corner
I can't believe
it's still the same old movie
that's haunting me

young loving may be
oh so mean
trying to revive
the same old scene...

(from Roxy Music's 'Same Old Scene')


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03/20/09 1:32 AM GMT
Awesome! Love the song too. =)
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I did it!
03/20/09 1:40 AM GMT
Beautiful piece of work Tootles! Love the colors, and its not that dark. Just my style!
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Love and live.
03/20/09 4:08 AM GMT
Reminds me of vibrant spring flowers blooming underneath the shade of a tree with just enough sunlight filtering through. The colors are beautiful & the song fits perfectly. Wonderful work Tootles.
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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ~ Winston Churchill
03/20/09 1:57 PM GMT
Looks kinda like a dragonfly or butterfly party,very pretty.
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03/20/09 3:03 PM GMT
Tootles, I cannot stop hearing the rhythmic percussion of that song since you mentioned it and displayed the lyrics in your narrative. I really like the way you interweaved the styles in this and the colors are fantastic too! ~~ cASechASeR..
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03/21/09 6:43 PM GMT
Faved, wonderful frac :-)
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08/25/12 11:00 PM GMT
Just found this in your gallery - wonderful design and colours. Also makes a beautiful DT. Fav'd and thanks for sharing!
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