New World in the Morning  

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Uploaded: 05/01/10 4:02 PM GMT
New World in the Morning
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Everybody talks about a new world in the morning
A new world in the morning, so they say...
I myself don't talk about a new world in the morning
A new world in the morning, that's today!

(first verse from 'New World in the Morning', Roger Whittaker)

I didn't set out to make a volcano -- it was waiting here on this little island, grumbling and biding its time. It thinks there might be a new morning quite soon...

Bryce 6.1, just for fun!


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05/01/10 5:55 PM GMT
What a most interesting creation!! I love the colours.And the volcanic rocks are amazingly real looking. And, since I write poetry, I enjoyed very much reading something by Roger Whittaker. Very nicely put together! Verena
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05/01/10 6:22 PM GMT
Nice job, well done :)
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05/01/10 8:16 PM GMT
WOW......the design and the colors are gorgeous!!!
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
05/01/10 8:18 PM GMT
Nice presentation and prose...favs...
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