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I got hold of Vue 8 Frontier a few days ago; this is the first Vue picture I've ever uploaded! The render itself took 7 hours; I processed it in Photoshop CS5 and used the Pixel Bender plugin.

I've never tried Vue before, so would love tips... especially where I might find helpful tutorials (or is there a useful book?) I can't use video tutorials if they aren't captioned, and good text tutorials are becoming harder to find.


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01/30/11 11:58 PM GMT
I have never used the program you are referring to but this work you have done is interesting, it's like a blurred photo with rain drops on a glass window. Keep on experiencing!
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01/31/11 7:53 AM GMT
No rendering experience on this end, so I can't help you there. An interesting image you've created. I like the blurred look and rain drops. Perhaps add a bit more blur to the bottom half of the image, or not. Good work and thanks for sharing.
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02/01/11 2:05 AM GMT
Awesome!!! Indeed a great job!
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04/01/11 11:31 AM GMT
Like a fish to water..

First render?

Nice work, Tootles.

You are quite adept at picking up new stuff on the creative fronts.

Here you go.. "Vue 8 Frontier Edition: Perfect Intro to the World of 3D"

/\ Looks to be well-researched on the related linkage fronts, too.

"Documentation for Vue 8 Frontier is excellent, as is the support sections of the e-on website where you'll find a nice set of tutorials."

I am at a loss on any particular tips to share with you. Sorry.

Did have the thought, however, that a few more (pronounced, more so) rain drop streaks/rivulets of water.. if that is a creative possibility ... might provide an assist on the realism front.

Well-composed and well constructed. Love the colour palette.

Good good one.

And but of course, thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)
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06/19/11 12:12 AM GMT
I've used Vue 5 Esprit thru 8 and I'm still less than thrilled with the experience. I've always put it down to working on the Mac platform and getting buggy code from third party vendors. There seems to be a better integration lately and the programs run pretty well now. To me, Vue is a big jump up from Bryce and if used skillfully, can produce amazing results. Because Vue uses so many pre-made objects and textures it can produce very realistic results without too much effort, but the downside is a big and resource hungry program. You can easily max out your CPU for days when rendering large, high quality images. The speed of your processor is really the limiting factor in doing renders, the more horsepower the better. More memory is a good thing too, but the CPU is the key.

For fun & inspiration, you should visit the galleries at or at and see what's been achieved by other users. Some amazing work there. If you're into realism, stick to procedural terrains. Because of their fractal nature, procedural landscapes can be highly detailed and realistic. They can also be edited quite a bit to better suit your artistic vision. My biggest problem with Vue is using objects within a scene, like trees. The program treats each object as fully formed and requiring storage space. This requires a lot of memory for highly populated scenes and can really bog down an underpowered computer. Very frustrating.

I also use Terragen 2 software and I'm even less thrilled with it's interface than Vue's. The visual results keep me plugging away at it though. It requires a lot more finesse than Vue, but is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Those are just some of my general thoughts on rendering, feel free to IM me if there's something specific I could add.

Happy rendering.
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