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Uploaded: 04/01/11 1:21 PM GMT
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My own design, doodled one night on a pad, created in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop CS5. I made it last year, but never posted it -- realized just now that it might suit the 'Balance' contest.


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04/01/11 1:26 PM GMT
Nice work. I like the colors and I find the rings very interesting. Good luck in the contest as well. :)
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04/01/11 9:07 PM GMT
You really are good with color and the design is so nice. Everything seems to fit together perfectly and it makes a bright and snappy DT. You are talented and quite creative. Good luck in the contest.
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04/01/11 9:44 PM GMT
A marvelous, marvelous creation!!!!!!!! Nice symmetry and a great entry:):) Way cool colors fits this perfectly:)
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04/01/11 11:47 PM GMT
Nice work toots!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
04/02/11 2:19 AM GMT
Oh my gosh, this is so unique, cool, and gorgeous!!!! An outstanding piece of artwork girl! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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04/02/11 9:03 AM GMT
Fascinating design and flow. Wonderful color choices. Amazes me to know the creation from pad to fruition. Excellent work.
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04/04/11 8:26 PM GMT
+favs for me.

/\ Got that out of the way first and foremost. :o)

Been coming back to your piece here numerous times. It was and is a standout to my eyes, in and amongst the new images.

One of the reasons for the revisits ... the radial/radiating 'rays' of the respective suns?

Wondering why you reversed their orientation?

Just a curiosity on my part, more so.

Really liking how you worked in the spectrum of light/colours in and around the median curved facet.

Well-balanced design. Almost symmetrical.. with a lil' literal twist of the canvas.


More of a creative suggestion/request..

Maybe a sun/moon companion piece?

Along the lines of of a more contrasted piece on the luminance/brightness fronts within frame. (Kind of, sort of.) And vis a vis the conceptual side of things.

Very nice work.

But of course, thank you for sharing your creativity with us. :o)
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04/10/11 6:21 PM GMT
Thanks everyone for your comments!

Trying to remember what was in my mind, Les, when I created it... I thought of it as, not two suns, but a sun and a sunflower. So the one has petals, and the other has pointy rays! At one stage I did have it with both rays being pointy, meeting in the middle, but I didn't like the look of it. Maybe I felt that changing one set 'mixed it up' a little? Besides, I always thought of it as a flower and a sun, rather than two suns. I'm cursed with a logical mind. :-)

Totally with you on the sun/moon idea, I was thinking about that too. Maybe I will wake up one day and give it a try.
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