Living Emerald  

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Uploaded: 06/07/11 10:35 AM GMT
Living Emerald
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Created in Photoshop CS5 and inspired by Nathan and his jewel and pen tutorials. I made the layer style pattern in Illustrator.

I was experimenting with a cloud photo I took, and ended up with this weird background. Once you've made something like that, you want to put things on it, of course. :-)


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06/07/11 2:09 PM GMT
Well you'll be pleased to know that the first instant I saw this in thumbnail - Nathan was exactly who I thought of! I like the way you've arranged this and the various shades of green.
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06/07/11 11:12 PM GMT
I love the green!! Awesome work with fine detail. Great job! :)
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06/08/11 1:43 AM GMT
Not just a Living Emerald, but a Crown Jewel.

Or possibly a Medal of Honour on the sash of a hero.

A dynamic and elegant gem for the eyes. In 16:9 no less.
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06/08/11 2:20 AM GMT
Really gorgeous and I love that green!!! Outstanding creation!
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06/08/11 1:27 PM GMT
I thought it WAS from Nathan at first glance, nice work, the master taught you well, LOL!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
06/08/11 7:47 PM GMT
This is my birthstone!!! Dang right I'm keeping's beautiful!!! Looks good on my DT!
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06/09/11 6:57 AM GMT
Faved, love it :)
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