The Well of Wisdom  

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Uploaded: 07/14/11 6:26 PM GMT
The Well of Wisdom
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The nine hazelnuts fell into the pool (the well of wisdom), where they were eaten by the salmon of knowledge.

Apophysis 3D, post-processed in Photoshop CS5.


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07/14/11 9:08 PM GMT
Outstanding work! I love the colors:)
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The most precious jewel you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children♥
07/15/11 12:31 AM GMT
I love the colors as well! Makes me think of space travel for some reason. Seems like it glows from within.
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07/15/11 9:04 AM GMT
Very creative piece of artwork, love it well done and top marks.
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07/15/11 5:40 PM GMT
I love the gentle motion of this design ... the smooth colors are easy on the eyes too. Wonderful work Tootles ... best of luck in the contest.
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"Packers Rock!"
08/04/11 1:26 AM GMT
And inspired by the tooth fairy of cannabis sativa...

Just trying to keep the stream of unconsciousness going here Tootles. Honestly, it's a gorgeous abstract you've created. It reminds me of some of the old sci-fi book covers that wanted to convey the idea of extra dimensions or some weird time travel scheme. I like the clockwork precision and yet there's still a flowing, organic presence to it. Kind of a mad spirograph if you will. Enchanting.
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There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W.S.

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