Hobbit Quest  

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Uploaded: 08/18/11 2:11 AM GMT
Hobbit Quest
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There is only one way to destroy the evil Ring... cast it into the fires of Orodruin, the Fire-mountain. It falls to the lot of Frodo the hobbit to undertake this perilous quest. Meanwhile the Ring tries its best to flag down the nearest Black Rider...

Creds: Bryce 7 and Photoshop CS5. All photo references, structures and objects are mine, including My Precious. Also including the rose leaves but excluding the Bryce trees! I would love to have worked on this longer, but ran out of time.

It gave enough headaches along the way... like when I combined two separate parts of the scene. Mount Doom sneaked round the back of the Hobbit Hole for a good smoke, and couldn't be seen from the window. The curtains were too much for Bryce and had to be cut down, and the rose bush corrupted the file... fortunately I was backing up along the way. I tried to get Bryce to save me time by batch-rendering while I slept, but it got stuck near the end of the first file because of an annoying bug.

The Hobbit Quest needs more work, but at least I'll be able to get some rest now... unlike poor Frodo!


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08/18/11 2:30 AM GMT
This is utterly wonderful and cute and creative and ingenious!! Bravo an your tenacity and thank you for brightening up my day!!!!!!!! My new DT by the way:):)
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08/18/11 3:52 AM GMT
This is just so beautiful and looks like an outstanding work! You're really a pro at this Tootles:)
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08/18/11 4:34 PM GMT
Excellent entry. I'm sure I could learn a few things from you about Bryce :) Good luck in the contest.
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I thought I had all the answers, but it turns out I don't even know the questions. -Stephen Prothero (paraphrased)
08/18/11 7:19 PM GMT
i like this it Bilbo looking out of his hobbit just before he sets out.:)
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