Night Reflection  

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Uploaded: 10/25/11 12:15 AM GMT
Night Reflection
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Apophysis fractal (7X) post-processed in Photoshop CS5. The fractal incorporated the 3D Stairways script by Shortgreenpigg (dA).


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10/25/11 10:34 PM GMT
Now this isn't fair Toot's. Last time you entered the "Surreal" contest in the closing moments with your entry and you placed as one of the winners. You sly girl you, waiting to see all the other entries first and then slipping your remarkable and gorgeous and creative piece in there at the last moment fully expecting to win:):) Oh, you deserve it anyway with this wonderful creation of yours so what am I complaining about?:):):)
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10/26/11 2:18 AM GMT
Beautiful and great colors girl!!! Superb work:)
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10/26/11 4:03 PM GMT
LOL, Bruce. :-) It was more a case of feeling utterly lazy, and only putting it in when I ran out of time. Oddly enough, I made the picture just before I came down with a cold, and I didn't even vote for the 'water' topic. But when I came back, there it was... seemed like it was meant to be. :-)
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10/26/11 10:24 PM GMT
This is lovely. As a photographer I sometimes think fractal reflections are somehow 'cheating' but you just proved me wrong. Intriguing and colorful, like someone is shining a soft light on an almost-calm lake at night.
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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." -- Katharine Hepburn
10/28/11 6:40 PM GMT
Oh my how beautiful! Love the design and colors:)
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10/31/11 5:52 PM GMT
Very nice liquid form and gorgeous colors. :)
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11/02/11 1:44 AM GMT
Sweet. Very nicely done. Outstanding.
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