One is All  

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Uploaded: 07/02/15 9:15 PM GMT
One is All
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The reason I never posted this before was the sheer ridiculousness of it, though that's what amuses me now. Weighted down at one end by that hulking great specimen of a spruce tree, I'm not sure how the wallpaper doesn't tip over and fall in your collective laps.

I'm writing my critique so no one else needs to, but feel free. :-)

Closely related to Farewell Halloween. (Same tree, same location, but no longer in the bloom of youth).

Dreds... sorry Creds (genuine typo):

a) Created and rendered in Bryce 6.1 (Vista, November 2010) and Bryce 7 (Snow Leopard).
b) Post-processed in Photoshop CS5 (two separate renders were combined). The two renders added up to 8.5 hours of render time; I can't remember how long it took to do the set-up... doubt if it was long, but looks as though I added a cloud of my own and pushed the moon into position -- tricky business. The Photoshop work was just an hour or two, all said and done.


I played a lot of songs during the recent re-renderings, but Navigation by OMD was definitely ... one. This is all.


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07/03/15 12:23 AM GMT
I think this is a cool render, and offers us something different. I also enjoyed the video, thanks. tigs=^..^=
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07/03/15 11:20 PM GMT
It was an unusual video for OMD, I thought, as they're into mechanics and technology (as far as I can make out)... but there was something in there I thought they'd really approve of... the jellyfish thing with flashing lights. Electricity......
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07/03/15 11:30 PM GMT
That is a beautiful work of art! Very cool!
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07/05/15 5:38 PM GMT
With a little pruning to fill out its shape that spruce tree might make it's way onto a Christmas tree lot. Cool work.
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