It Waits  

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Uploaded: 10/29/16 2:30 PM GMT
It Waits
Views: 1244
Dlds: 616
Status: active

Apophysis 7X 15D render created 26 Sept 2016

Quality: 50000
Oversample: 2, Filter: 0.2
Pure rendering time: 22 hour(s) 33 minute(s) 22.10 second(s)

Wallpaper set up in Photoshop CS5, 28 Sept 2016.

Fractal derived from Satania's Splits / Elliptics tutorial on deviantArt.

The spider is Caedes's logo, painted up a bit.


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10/29/16 3:02 PM GMT
I think it's waiting to be faved, and that is a done deal for me.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/29/16 3:24 PM GMT
Awesome, same for me, done deal.
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10/29/16 11:33 PM GMT
It'll have to wait because I'm not walking into this web. It's a trap!!:) Awesome design Sandra and captivating colors!!!
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10/30/16 2:32 AM GMT
Beautiful and other-worldly.
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10/30/16 10:42 AM GMT
WOW thats some time to wait. no wonder i have a hard time with fractals. its gorgeous, Tootles

my now halloween DT
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What happens if you get scared half to death... twice?
10/30/16 1:14 PM GMT
It's a little laptop at the side that does all the Apo rendering and it's all I use it for... so it doesn't keep me from my normal business writing comments and approving images, etc (looks hopefully at the sidebar). C'mon people, I want to do some approving!!
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