Creeping Through the Mist  

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Uploaded: 06/17/17 9:08 PM GMT
Creeping Through the Mist
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Two of my roboraptors sneaking around.

Canon 350D, created May 2009.

I'm not happy with it for a lot of reasons, but thought it might be amusing to upload.

I have three now... two big and one little. They were found in charity shops without remote controls, but otherwise seem to be working.


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06/18/17 12:56 AM GMT
This once again shows us your creativity, something a little different from you and I like it. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/18/17 4:39 PM GMT
Okay, I am obviously shopping at the wrong charity shops, as I have never seen a single roboraptor ... much less three of them.

So cool, Sandra!

I love your imagination in creating this image!
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06/18/17 10:08 PM GMT
Mamas baby is learning fast and will be fending for itself in no time! Very well done and don't be too tough on yourself Tootles.
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Progress equals a trashed planet since mankind is too busy altering it. BTW find the classic definition of Caedes here. Enjoy yourself today (o: because you don't know what tomorrow may bring.
06/19/17 12:01 AM GMT
I blame Mum... she used to visit charity shops nearly every day, so when the new stuff was put out, she had a good chance of getting to it before every one else. When you went out with her, you found yourself visiting charity shops every day too, and so.....

...(sound of roboraptors clanking through the mist)...
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