Alone Together  

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Uploaded: 03/15/08 12:22 AM GMT
Alone Together
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I think 'Alone Together' is the main feature of living in such a huge metropolis like Tokyo. if you go to work you are only a lonely little ant among the millions. My best friend is in the right corner, just take a look at his face. The expression tells all. This shot was taken in Shibuya, which is tone of the favorite meeting places of the young generations. It is 'overflowing' crowded during the night. Thanks for any comments.


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03/15/08 1:53 PM GMT
I know exactly what you mean. This photo captures what could be in any busy town in any country - so alone, yet with so many!
Very thought provoking picture, but also very colourful!
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03/15/08 2:45 PM GMT
Excellent idea and great photo:) Good Luck!
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03/15/08 3:14 PM GMT
This is a great presentation Toto, nice idea!!
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03/15/08 5:13 PM GMT
Fits your title quite well. What a busy city it is and I like that most of the faces are turned away, but he is looking distracted in another direction. Good one for the contest, Toto.
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03/16/08 10:03 AM GMT
Very nice photo my friend. I like how you have included your friend in the pic, and it just seems like he is just part of the crowd.
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03/17/08 4:17 AM GMT
looks like it is a very busy street... more of people than vehicles... great capture:)
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03/19/08 8:33 PM GMT
Oh ho ! i am way behind again on replying to your postings !!!
But due to time presure that sometimes happens ! Anyway, here i am again, checking out on your latest work, i do love this this image, because of your narative and mostly because it shows a daily view into my so unknown Japan.
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04/02/08 2:54 AM GMT
Great Title!!! Very effective...and in it the loneliness of many people is depicted by the cultural majority!
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