Magic orange!  

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Uploaded: 11/25/04 8:49 PM GMT
Magic orange!
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I hope you find it juicy!


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11/25/04 10:49 PM GMT
This orange looks very good and juicy.
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11/26/04 12:16 AM GMT
Orange you glad you looked at this full size? I sure am! Good job.
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11/26/04 2:08 AM GMT
good orange!
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11/26/04 4:07 AM GMT
Russ ..... Orange you glad you looked at this full size? ...Comedy Gold ...LOL
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11/26/04 6:47 AM GMT
Lovely and clear shot.Nice and well done,Maria.
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11/28/04 2:00 PM GMT
I like it! Yes full size rocks..well done and good luck.

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12/25/04 5:58 AM GMT
awesome! looks Great full size

excellent work!
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01/07/05 11:01 PM GMT
Nice job with this, sorry I missed it before when the contest was ongoing.
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03/10/05 11:43 AM GMT
Hey there :)
Nice orange!...makes me feel very hungry though
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PrettyFae x
06/15/05 6:59 PM GMT
Wonderful and another one missed. ;( So many uploads a day. I'm trying. lol Great focus and fun background. ;)
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11/04/05 10:14 AM GMT
WOW... this one is really outstanding. When I saw it as a thumbnail I found it very interesting. But watching it full size is just amazing. I love everything of this shot... the orange itself, the sparkling background, the texture and the flash reflection on the leaf. Very nice composition and very creative like the rest of your work.
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07/18/06 1:46 AM GMT
Hey Trin, Nice contrast the orange orange on the blue background, I like it

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03/30/08 2:00 AM GMT
I like the idea of this image, but I don't like the way it was taken at all. It look kind of cheap.
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04/02/08 3:12 PM GMT
Cheap is not the right word IMO. I've to desagree with Baby_V's comment here.
The light is good, the focusing is correctly set on the orange. Maybe you could improve the composition if the orange wasn't centered. Nice try though :-)
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