Bryce tutorial  

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Uploaded: 10/31/04 11:57 AM GMT
Bryce tutorial
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10/31/04 12:24 AM GMT
Simple shapes and materials:

1. Create a sphere by clicking on the corresponding shape in the top left of the screen.
2. When the object is selected, select "A" (attributes) from the submenu to the right of the object. This will open the box shown in screenshot 2. You can change the dimensions and location of the object here. I usually change the sizes to round numbers to make the object easier to work with, in this case I made the X, Y znd Z sizes and the Y origin (ie the objects distance from the ground) 20.
3 & 4. Select "M" from the submenu to change the material the object is made from. Clicking the small arrow to the right of the preveiw screen whislt you are in the Materials lab will open a list of default materials. Select "Metals" and then "Brushed Gold". Select the tick/check in the bottom right corner of the lab to accept the change and exit.
5. Click on the water icon in the top left to create an "ocean" below the sphere. You can edit what type of water will appear in the ocean by editing the material in the same way as you did the sphere.
6. Click on the sphere in the centre left of the screen to render what you have done so far. If you save the file after the render is complete, Bryce will automatically save a BMP image in the same directory.
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12/12/04 6:31 PM GMT
from where can i get smth like this?:)
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