Black and White Sketch - Tutorial  

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Uploaded: 12/01/04 7:20 AM GMT
Black and White Sketch - Tutorial
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Here is a simple way to get the sketched image effect from manipulating your black and white photography. (this effect *should* not work properly in color, although I havent really experimented in color :p). I will explain briefly in a comment on the image.


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12/01/04 7:43 AM GMT
The effect is achieved by overusing the unsharp mask. In the images at the bottom, the unsharp mask was used at 500%, 0 threshold, and at the display radius. The larger the radius, the less the detail in your sketch effect image. Less detail tends to make the image look more like a handmade drawing. In the "After" image, I used a 15 radius at 500% followed by a radius of 4 at 60% in amount to bring back a bit of detail in the wood. Achieving a pencil art type image. If you get a undesired overcontrasted look, this can be reduced by increasing the threshold. Have fun.

Dont suggest trying this with colors, unless u want something really abstract and overly colorful. Perhaps some work with this in conjuction with the median noise reduction filter could produce something nice in color, up to you.
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04/12/05 11:18 PM GMT
i did something similar with this image to get this one
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07/02/05 8:41 PM GMT
real nice tutorial, it comes in handy when you want to do something unique with an image, thanks
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04/05/07 11:26 PM GMT
yea, it works with color.
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