Psychosis Unmasked  

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Uploaded: 06/05/05 3:13 PM GMT
Psychosis Unmasked
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....the UNFRAMED version of PSYCHOSIS.


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06/05/05 3:31 PM GMT
I did like the other one and I saw that others thought that it would have looked better without the frame, I think it looks kinda plain and the frame added a nicer look to it but it is nice that you are trying what others tell you, I like the other version better but as always, 10/10 and into favs!
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06/05/05 3:35 PM GMT
I think I like the other version better as well, Andrew....It brings a bit of order to chaos, but, when it comes to insanity, some might well prefer pure chaos. <G> As always, thanks!
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06/05/05 3:37 PM GMT
Very nice, I like it both ways..
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06/05/05 3:40 PM GMT
Yes, I like this one much better, sorry for those who do not agree with me.
10/10 and into favs!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
06/05/05 4:15 PM GMT
Ha ha! When it comes to psychosis, there really is no "correct" or "incorrect" presentation. It's really each man (woman) for himself. LOL! Thanks for contrasting and commenting! <G> Wen
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06/05/05 5:18 PM GMT
I like 'em both....but if I had to choose...I couldn't! I guess I like the framed version slightly better becayse you had to put more into creating it. Nice fractal still yet Wen!
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06/05/05 6:21 PM GMT
I also think they both look nice...can't decide which I prefer ^_^
Great colours, though! Very powerful design, love it!
Well done :D
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06/05/05 10:19 PM GMT
I like both.. but i think the frame really adds the finishing touch to it.... :D
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"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away... I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away.... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay........."
06/06/05 2:18 AM GMT
I like this one better.
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06/06/05 3:44 AM GMT
No contest. I prefer my chaos unconstrained, ta very much. I LOVE this. 10/10 and faves.
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>you can't stop the signal
07/03/05 6:10 PM GMT
Nice picture, I really like it... And in my humble opinion better than the framed version. 10/10
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Homo Stupidus? Yes, Homo Sapiens does not exist any more...
07/08/05 5:45 PM GMT
this is way cool
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"What is your life? You are a dust that appears for a little while and then vanishes." James 4:14
07/22/05 3:30 AM GMT
Cool pic. I don't really have a preference, but if I had to choose I'd pick this one, because it seems to fill up the space more.
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You can't expect people to look eye to eye with you if you are looking down on them. - unknown
07/29/05 4:32 AM GMT
This looks so good! How do you get it so clear?
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08/04/05 5:41 AM GMT
Nice... I like the mix of colors you chose, neat combination.
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08/11/05 9:19 PM GMT
Ahah! Here it is, without the border. Love it! Like this one better, I imagined this thing trying to rip its way out of that border on the other one...
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03/14/06 9:38 PM GMT
Another awesome fractal ^_^ You have an awesome gallery ^_^
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05/28/06 8:19 PM GMT
I am into cool bizzare pictures that make you think. Great Work!!!!
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08/21/06 10:11 PM GMT
brilliant, really like the feeling this one gives me....

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10/20/06 8:13 AM GMT
I like this work, and don't think it really needs a border.

well done with the colours on this one. 10/10
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[Wolfy][My Beautiful Lie..][</3] Feel free to email me!
08/26/07 3:23 AM GMT
So this is an indication of a psychosis and it's appearance! I would not like being psychotic but it's representation is a marvel <smile> Well done! - Kirk
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01/18/08 2:27 AM GMT
unlike most other fractals, this ons is a bit softer around the lines which is A LOT more appealing to me. nice work!
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01/27/08 6:20 PM GMT
wicked crazy art
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luv the images, no i mean>> {MASTERPECIES} ...u guys are awsome!!

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