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Uploaded: 06/07/05 2:43 PM GMT
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....Apophysis & Photoshop CS. Feedback welcome.


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06/07/05 3:06 PM GMT
That this is an abstract amazes me! I mean it looks so life-like...its a most beautiful compostion of coulours and design...they look like the tips of tree leaves...that have somehow made a design or reflection on the ground...the blue appears as water..well, its a picture one can ponder on for a long time...very very nice!!
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06/07/05 3:19 PM GMT
Thanks so much for that wonderful commentary, Verena! I "worked" this image in Apophysis until I wanted to scream. LOL! It looks nothing like its original formulation and I experimented with color gradients for a long while. So glad you like it!!
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06/07/05 3:25 PM GMT
Marvellous colours and symmetry, a really nice wallpaper. If you ever lose you original sing out there should be a perfect copy on my hard disk:-)
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06/07/05 3:51 PM GMT
great work....weird composition.
can't really lay my hand on it where i am looking at.
there is symetry..but on the same time even when it looks natural there is something that doesn't fit in reallife structures.
i guess working on it turns you head inside out and back.
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06/07/05 4:01 PM GMT
wheat! this is wheat! drying and waiting to be shiped to our cereal boxes! great image Wendy! lots of kudozs for it!:0))!
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06/07/05 4:06 PM GMT
Paul....I had the same experience constructing it as you did in viewing it. LOL! Lots of "tension" between the "real" and the "surreal."

Thanks for the comments.
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06/07/05 4:17 PM GMT
Your color is so vibrant! And I'm with Moura, it does look like sheafs of wheat. Very original, bold piece.
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06/07/05 4:56 PM GMT
This is wonderful .. I love it.. This goes into my favorites..
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06/07/05 5:10 PM GMT
Marvellous work and colors.
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Carpe diem....
06/07/05 6:44 PM GMT
Ooooh, very nicely done...reminds me of a wheat field ^_^
Excellent work, well done!
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06/07/05 8:29 PM GMT
Very nice! I can't believe came out of Apophysis, I wish I could find it first, but I guess that can't happen now! 10/10 and into favs!
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06/07/05 9:27 PM GMT
Thanks Alexis, Morwyn, Fae, and Andrew, Marou, Paul, Robert!! won't FIND this on Apophysis, but you can create it with the EDITING function. Find some fractal that you like and fool around with the editor. It's somewhat challenging to work with but it's fun trying to create something new.
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06/07/05 10:42 PM GMT
Another beautiful fractal Wendy. Nice job with the editing. Very nice.
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06/07/05 11:21 PM GMT
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06/08/05 6:00 AM GMT
I really thought this was a micro of actual seeds! Great work.
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06/11/05 2:56 AM GMT
Very nice once again, Wendy, I love the colors and textures, it almost appears to be madeup entirely of threads and fibers. 10/10, it's going into my favorites. : }
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07/21/05 2:04 AM GMT
Vary nice! Excellent work
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08/12/05 1:50 AM GMT
Congrats on this making the permanent gallery. This is definately one of my favorites!
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08/27/05 11:16 AM GMT
Great job on this!! You're right, the editing takes a long time but usually it's worth it! Especially for this! It has a 3-D type of look. Great job!
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09/06/06 3:19 AM GMT
I just saw this showcased Wendy, I can't believe I never commented on it before. Well, sorry for the oversight hon ! This has such great depth to it, such a feeling of being in the middle of some alien but grand rain forest, you just know some kind of exotic adventure is waiting to pull you in, just beyond those colorful fern fronds ! Oh... did I forget ? Yuppers, ... I like it ! Well done hon ! ;o)
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02/16/09 1:07 AM GMT
wow. i've been looking at this for a few minutes and can't exactly say why i like it, but it's a beauty. :-)
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11/14/09 6:41 PM GMT
So different! It really stands out!
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03/15/12 11:17 PM GMT
Sorry I missed this one before Wendy, it's gorgeous. The first impression for me was a macro shot of bird feathers or a similar mashup. The rich, organic texture of these fractals is like looking at some arcane secret that we're passing off as art, but is much deeper in meaning. Beautiful & mysterious.
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