The Other Side of Nowhere  

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Uploaded: 06/23/05 3:53 AM GMT
The Other Side of Nowhere
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....Apophysis & Photoshop CS.


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06/23/05 5:45 AM GMT
Beautiful work... lovely flame... great colours.. lovely work .. =D
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"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away... I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away.... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay........."
06/23/05 6:19 AM GMT
Fantastic work Wendy. Looks like leaves. Very beautiful ones at that.
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream big"?
06/23/05 8:23 AM GMT
Wow! Looks kinda like embroidery - ferns within ferns. I love it on my desktop. 10 and faves.
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>you can't stop the signal
06/23/05 12:34 AM GMT
Fabulous work Wendy.. You just keep getting better at this...
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06/23/05 2:17 PM GMT
You're back again and with a great image! The colors are unlike you but it looks very nice! 10/10 and into favorites!
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06/24/05 4:02 AM GMT
Beautiful work ... I've used apophysis for a while now and it always amazes me when people produce something I've never even come close to

clap (*sound of clapping hands .. really, just use your imagination)
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---Work like you don't need money, ---Love like you've never been hurt, ---And dance like no one's watching
06/24/05 10:38 PM GMT
I agree with Keith - beautiful work. Very fernlike and lacy. Nice job.
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06/26/05 10:47 PM GMT
Another superb work. It looks almost organic and I love the colours.
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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
06/27/05 4:39 AM GMT
Congrats to this beautiful work, Wendy !
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06/29/05 4:14 AM GMT
Very different and that's what I love about it. Great work! really nicely done Wendy! 10/10
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Whatever you imagine is reality.
07/01/05 8:58 PM GMT
Outstanding texture and palette.
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He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless dead.
07/10/05 1:12 PM GMT
Awsome, Great definition, super work
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07/29/05 1:26 AM GMT
This looks so good. Everything, the colors the design everything! I wish I was as good as you.
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09/13/05 10:38 PM GMT
This is great!!!!! This looks very nice! The image looks very interesting! The texture on flame is great, nice choice of color which brings out the detail in this giving the flame its texture! Nice job! This is going into my favorites!
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05/22/06 2:06 PM GMT
Wow this is awsome!
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Unity through faith - Strength through unity Freedom Forever! Check this out!
12/09/06 3:31 PM GMT
Hey I love your pic, it reminds me of fern leaflets :-D

Very cool
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Jesus Loves you!
03/15/07 10:02 AM GMT
I love this, extremely plant like, makes me feel happy for some reason. 10/10!

Gem xx

P.S. Faves!
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The comment monster has taken over my soul, and devoured the cookie monster. ME... WANT... COMMENTS... You'd better do as it says, or it'll eat all your comments (and your cookies!)
03/15/07 10:10 AM GMT
Don't know how I missed this one... georgous flame. I love the fern pattern it creates. Most excellent. :o)
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I always try to balance the light with the heavy - a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringes ~ Bette Midler ~ :o)
10/01/07 7:05 AM GMT
Hey - don't usually like fractals but just spotted this in 'featured images' and had to comment. You did a fantastic job here, sorry I'm so late commenting!
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09/28/09 8:52 PM GMT
I don't know how this image got past me. It's incredibly good. All that I would expect from an artist of your abilities.
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