Smoldering Spiral  

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Uploaded: 08/28/05 11:35 PM GMT
Smoldering Spiral
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Apophysis and Photoshop CS2


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08/28/05 11:47 PM GMT
This looks great Wendy, I like the spinning catacomb look this has, although for a sprial image, for some reason, this doesn't have that much depth, actually the centerlooks like the top of hill when you're looking down, almost like layers ontop of each other, but that doesn't bother me at all! This made it to my favorites!
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08/28/05 11:55 PM GMT
WOW.... one word... STUNNING... great work Wen... has a wonderful 3D effect, great colour and texture... well done
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08/29/05 1:01 AM GMT
Love the color, the texture and the lighting. Beautiful. It has the look of a colorful sea-shell. Really pretty!
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08/29/05 1:24 AM GMT
Totally awesome Wendy. I love everything about, color, lighting, etc. 10/10 and right into my favs.
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08/29/05 2:31 AM GMT
Great job Wendy!
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08/29/05 3:04 AM GMT
not bad Wendy :)

Wish it was a little less grainy but still nice
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08/29/05 3:24 AM GMT
Looks good, I like the layer effect that this image has. My only complaint is that this seems a little too saturated. Maybe contrasting shades of red would work.
And, Radjehuty, I think it is just the on-site image compression. I think I remember a topic on the discussion board about this, especially with red.
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08/29/05 3:39 AM GMT
I see where you're coming from Morpheus. In fact I was monkeying around with different hues and saturations after I put this up, in addition to entirely different color gradients. I may put this up with different colors and/or reduced saturation as well.

I don't see the graininess, Dave, but thanks for your feedback...I rendered this at very high resolution. I agree that the reds sometimes lose a bit of clarity when compressed, but there's little I can do about that except, perhaps, bring down the saturation a bit as Morpheus suggested. Thanks all for you input!
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08/29/05 6:48 AM GMT
What a stunning image - you really achieve a depth and vibrancy with the programs you use, well done.
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08/29/05 9:06 AM GMT
Well it has all been said , great job on this.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
08/29/05 3:56 PM GMT
Very warm colors,great spiral also!:0))!
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08/29/05 5:12 PM GMT
Hmmm.. It seems to be full of holes.. I bet you did that on purpose..
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One bead at a time..
08/31/05 4:43 AM GMT
Hey .. I dropped my bubblegum down there when my mouth fell open .. and it was still new too .. still had alot of flavor left

could you look around for it when you pack up this carnival show and move on ... just leave it at the chamber of commerce .. I'll pick it up there

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09/04/05 11:13 AM GMT
It looks like some sort of infernal organic web. I like the colours and the sense of spiralling down.
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09/06/05 7:40 PM GMT
Great job Wendy. Good choice of gradient and texture.
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09/28/05 1:11 AM GMT
Great flame! As said above, you used a great gradient and you've created a very nice texture, the spiral looks very nice, I really like what you did with this, I hope you decide to upload more flames, nice job! This is going into my favorites!
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