Silvery Moon  

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Uploaded: 03/19/06 1:12 AM GMT
Silvery Moon
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03/19/06 1:22 AM GMT
Really like this :D +fav...only complaint would be the terrain, a little unreal but other than that...nice work :D
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03/19/06 1:32 AM GMT
Ditto. Water could use some work also. With these changes, you would have a super image.
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03/19/06 1:41 AM GMT
I like Blue Moon better, but this is still way cool! =0)
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03/19/06 2:04 AM GMT
I like this one, I like how you were able to make the reflections in the water look so real and enchanted. This one really gives the effect of a very gloomy dreamy kinda thing, sorry just cant put into words. Excellent work. I like them both the equally.
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03/19/06 2:15 AM GMT
Wendy, This came up in voting booth. I love it...looks so realistic. I love the luminescence of the moon. Gave you a 10....excellent work.
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03/19/06 2:28 AM GMT
I think the color in this one looks more realistic, but they are both great...
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03/19/06 2:29 AM GMT
Wendy, this is gorgeous, I really love the light hues used for the sky. Beautiful all around work!..=)
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03/19/06 2:37 AM GMT
Blue Moon has an Arty feel to me, you know ? While this has an other-worldly feel to me, so I suppose it boils down to a matter of personel preference. I like the more subtler tones of this one better.
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03/19/06 5:32 AM GMT
Excellent work...the composition is perfect.
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03/19/06 6:35 AM GMT
This is gorgeous as well. Excellent image.
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03/19/06 7:44 AM GMT
Hey this is cool. I like the dark style It´s mystic.
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03/19/06 11:04 AM GMT
Beautiful colors and a great composition. Well done.

..just a silly question (I asked myself)...would this image become less interesting with a moon in a more realistic size...?
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-- Arne --
03/19/06 11:45 AM GMT
Very nice work , up to your usual standard.
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03/19/06 1:06 PM GMT
I think I like "Blue Moon" better. This is nice too...see comments on other.
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03/19/06 7:13 PM GMT
My top vote. Excellent composition and work!!!
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04/06/06 9:05 PM GMT
Hi Wendy,
I am ashame to have browsed your gallery so little lately! There are so many great images you create, wonderful and proof of unlimited fantasy, I like that!
About this image, really nice! The oly suggestion from me is that the image is too hard and sharp. That limits the dream like quality of the image. I would think you should blur foreground and/or background. Like it would be in a real photo. And then soften the whole thing up. Create some mist and then it would be, IMO, perfect!
Please read my "critics" as encouragements from a fool!
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04/24/06 4:41 AM GMT
Excellent render. Great mood in this image.
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05/25/06 11:35 PM GMT
wendy totally impressed awsom job,keep em coming. Draco
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06/25/06 4:21 PM GMT
Don't know how you managed to create this piece of work ... But it is totally captivating. Lovely piece of "Art" with a Capital "A"
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Just an old "Grampa" who still has a Kodak "Box" camera kicking around the attic ... learning and enjoying the wonders of modern digital photography.
07/17/06 12:41 AM GMT
Magnificant, truly magnificant. In all ways. Thanks so much for bringing this to us. Anita
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Forgive me for being so far behind, been out of pocket since Friday and will spend a bit of time catching up. Missed everyone.
08/02/06 3:02 PM GMT
Superb!!! The lighting is absolutely fantastic.
Great one!

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