Journey Through Time (Variation 2)  

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Uploaded: 06/13/06 5:55 PM GMT
Journey Through Time (Variation 2)
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Made some adjustments in proportionate size of objects and added more details. Not sure which I like best....your comments are very welcome. Thanks for looking


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06/13/06 7:02 PM GMT
I not too sure i like them both. Geat work
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06/13/06 7:51 PM GMT
I like the addition of the "moon" back there, but really both versions are excellent.
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06/13/06 8:04 PM GMT
STILL.....Totally AWSOME!!!!
This one is nicer though. :-)
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06/13/06 8:15 PM GMT
I like them bouth..Fantastic and Cool imago..Excellent Work..
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06/13/06 9:51 PM GMT
I think I prefer this one, but they are both great!
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06/14/06 1:51 AM GMT
Seems to be more impact with this one, from the central images, but I liked the first one as well. Both are great.
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06/14/06 12:02 AM GMT
I like this one as well, it seems sharper, more detailed. But I liked the first one as well. Well done Wendy!..=)
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06/14/06 6:18 PM GMT
Beautiful and astonishing work as always. You are a true artists, Wendy!
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06/15/06 9:36 PM GMT
Excellent render Wendy. Very surreal, and extremely high in quality. Nicely done!
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06/17/06 9:37 PM GMT
A true perfectionist as always!!! I love them both!!! Vicky
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06/20/06 2:26 AM GMT
wEN, This is an awesome piece, truly imaginitive and ultra creative. great job, dAVE
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06/20/06 7:19 PM GMT
OUTSTANDING. The design is terrific and I love the 3D effect. Great work Wen. Sarah
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06/21/06 9:27 AM GMT
I wonder what those people are saying? "Help!! I'm stuck in a cage!!!" lol. Nice job.

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06/26/06 12:22 AM GMT
Your artistry & attention to detail never fails to amaze me Wendy, I like both of your pics, I can't choose ! An incredible piece of it ! So very well done !
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08/03/06 9:08 PM GMT
I really love your imagination and creativity Wen!
You make such good images. And they contain images that I am sure I have seen before, probably in some dream!
Great stuff, thanks for posting!
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03/01/07 9:01 PM GMT
Cool! This is fantastic.

- cfr
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09/08/07 5:14 PM GMT
Awesome, Wendy!
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08/24/10 9:02 AM GMT
Great image Wendy.

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09/07/11 8:59 PM GMT
Amazing image Wendy. Its sort of in a 21st century Rene Magritte vein. Well done.
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